Sunday, September 20, 2009



Welcome. Thanks for reading my novel, and if you haven't read it till now, then I am sure that you are going to read it in sometime.

There must be something that has brought you here. Do you know what is it? You're here because you're either sitting idle with nothing else to do or you're interested to know something more about 'Oops!'. You would not like me calling you idle; so let me assume that you're interested. Aha! Thanks a ton for being interested.

Good, now since I have proven my point, so let me begin.

I can classify each one of you in either of these two categories:
  1. The One with the 'Smiles' a.k.a Smileys
  2. The One with the 'Jhadoo' a.k.a Dry-lies(critics)
To the 'Smileys' -
Just because you liked the novel, I ask you for one favour i.e. to add this link to the above video ( in your Orkut profile videos or Facebook status messages.

And for you, I would recommend you to read a short-story about the 'Making of Oops!', which will make you see how one's destiny comes on its own without giving any clue.

You are welcome to give your valuable comments and feedback here @ Bouquets-n-brickbats!

To the 'Dry-lies' alias critics -
Just because you didn't like the novel, I request you to keep the fact a secret! Don't tell it to anyone, because you perhaps don't know that criticizing a book does its publicity in tandem. Keep it as a secret in your babies' diapers potholes.

Meanwhile, you too are welcome to give your valuable comments and feedback here @ Bouquets-n-brickbats!

I would love to hear from each one of you.


  1. well i loved ur book.......
    and hope u will present more books.
    after reading ur book i too thaught to write a book, which i always wanted.
    so asking for ur helppp.

  2. Hi Tushar, Thanks for your comment. Tell me if you need any help.

  3. wel i liked ur book it that is the love point i noticed every author of a love story describes his lady as the best. and see each name sounds so beautiful. its Tanya is in the name itself. i hope ur planning to release a sequel to ur book for u left the novel half way. rite?

  4. let me first tell you that i am not an avid reader and not a big fan of books.just read a couple of books. went to a book store with my sister and saw this title and immediately liked it. i purchased it thereof.
    i just finished reading it and it was superrrrrr.....being a delhi-walla u can relate to places mentioned, it feels as if all this really happened. i was hooked on to it :D
    brilliant work and u have to surely come up with a sequel to this. what happens when he goes to US and Ruchi's bday, her mom and if she keeps contacting him through mail or scraps....
    and i dont knw y just bcoz thrs a picture of u, i kept relating kanav to u. had the whole novel in mind, picturing each sequence with your face as kanav and yeah "there is something in this name" :P

    keep writing man ...i loved it and will ask my frnds to read it too....

    i wish i cud see these characters in real....kanav, sameer, anuj, aryan, reva, neetika, neekita and niti...hehe all of them...
    and specially Tanya....stop being we all knw how beautiful she is :D

  5. Thanks guys! I am glad that you liked it. About the next book - well, let it be a surprise! Will tell about it once I am done writing it.

  6. n how long is tht gonna take...?? :D

  7. hey wat is next??? u met tanya in U.S.A???
    Hey pls rply???pls tell me about further meetings n wat happened to her mother?? Or is this piece just a oops

  8. well i hav read your book nd i must say dt it was awesme!!!!thoroughly enjoyd reading!!!good work!!!

  9. Hey All! Thanks friends for your amazing response! The next book will come around September, much at the same time Oops came. And regarding Shiva's question I would just say that the two are still together, however the story in the novel is totally fictitious.

  10. hii....after reading ..these comments..
    i'll surely read this book..

  11. I haven't read your novel yet..but after reading ur blog..would definitely love to read it :)

  12. Wo, small-towner!! I read somewhere that the "town" you are referring to is Indore. Sir (you pass out after me, but take it as a gesture of respect), in case you didn't know it's not a town and definitely not a small one at that. Having being brought up in Indore, I feel deeply offended and won't read your novel, :D.

  13. @ Prerna - Thanks for your comment. Do tell me how do you find it after reading it.

    @ Styaanveshi - I am sorry to offend you. Thanks for visiting my blog, anyway.

  14. Buzz..
    let me tell u one misatke in the book..
    u said u had 100 bugs.. while meeting tanya..
    u spend 20 in coming to station from PS..
    later 20 on rose( here u said u r left with 80 bugs now)
    U completely forgot that u hav alredy spend 20 on PS to Stat..
    Correct me if i m wrong..

    Well all in all a good book..

  15. hey buddy..
    first of all.. hats off.. d story is fabulous..kinda relating to my love lyf also..only difference her mother send her to diff city n nt d other part of globe..
    Newaw kanav is surely a source of inspiration 2 (nt so gudlookin) guys..n sends a msg dat if i can do it den y r u still sittin infrnt of mirror n cryin. go n hunt...
    jus 1 thing 2 ask.. do u hv braces... hahaa

  16. little things make perfection but perfection in itself is not a little thing....... its ur little one, dude ur going for perfection.. god bless u

  17. Hey friends! Thanks for your kind words.

    @Amit - I checked what you said. It's fine in the novel. When I say in bracket 'Rs.20 being spent on my return journey', that is inclusive of everything that has been spent then, and now he is left with just 80 bucks.

  18. @ Shanky - I have never had braces. It was too difficult for me to describe it. I asked one of my friends with braces to share his misery!

  19. hey.....wats up...............i just luv ur book ..........its awesome man..........pls i want ur next buk soon..............pls mak it soon.u r great man...........such a nice story....gud luck for n me waitnig for next one.ok na..

  20. Hi i read ur book and its really funny yet sweet i really liked it...waiting for ur next book.

  21. Hey Harsh just finished reading your book...and really like it..

    also scribed few words on it on my blog.

    Check here

    Are you working on your next one..

  22. Thanks friends for your appreciation.

  23. an honest review of your book..
    i loved it.. but the review is from a neutral point of view.. im waiting for your next one.. :)
    and yes.. the way the review is presented is a tad different from the usual reviews posted..
    i hope you like it :)
    here's a link

  24. Hey Harsh....

    Dis buk which u wrote is d realli one of d awsumest buk i vud have eva read...!!!!
    I juzz got this buk yesterday.....n once i started reading I wuz so muchh LOST in it...dat i completed the whole book on dat day itself....

    Luv u ya....Ua d Best...!!!

    Waiting for your next one eagerly...!!!

    TC :)

  25. Heii Harsh...COngrats a ton to yor efficient work...the book s really a treat for the youngsters..I found it very interesting till the end...finished it off at a stretch..:)
    ATB for yor upcoming novels dude...!!

  26. I just recently finished ur book and dat was so nice...I will luv 2 read ur upcoming hurry up ur best...all my best wishes are always wid u

  27. hey harsh, loved ur book. wen is the next one coming???

  28. hey........just heard of ur book but still didn't rode it....... anyways i'll read it soon..... Ur title is an interesting one...... hoping ur story will be a entertaining one as per the comments.........
    And anyways i also write some novels but dats u can say my hobby.........i completed writing one and writing the 2nd one

  29. its just amazing,,
    come up with its sequel..
    i wud apprecaite it..

  30. its me Arp!t@ hey i am interested in reading ur title itself was so catchy which makes me to read there ur writing the second part..bcz i was not expecting end this way..poetic justice at the end...hey its just as a reader i m telling this.oops u dont mind this.. hoping to get ur reply..all the best for the further writing..!
    with lots of best wishes...@rp!t@

  31. jus finished reading ur book....its seriously superb. not jus superb...its actually awesome... wud love 2 see ur further books...eagerly waiting for one...... all the best.keep ur work on bhaiya......

  32. just osm love between kanav and tanya....but u hav ended up with a smooth climax.....didnt xpect tis....hope u write OOPS! I FELL IN LOVE -2 to know wether kanav becum broom or not ;)....waiting for might be surely ur own story happened...coz the pain and love is abruptly seen in ur words....all te best...:):)

  33. Must be an enjoyable read Oops! I FELL IN LOVE by Harsh Snehanshu . loved the way you wrote it. I find your review very genuine and orignal, this book is going in by "to read" list.

  34. i mustt say.. the novel was mind blowing,... itz realyy heart touching..
    n m suree
    each person would lovv it <3
    AWesUm.. man!
    HAtes off!

  35. Ur novel was quite gud n intrstng bt yet it is uncmplt iz it a real story or a fiction.
    Plz plz plz plz let me knw tht.

  36. i read ur book and felt you are still in the world of spoon feeding. the book really sucks. pls do not any book again. i really tore off the book after reading 30 pages or i would prefer to say giving pain to my eyes. pls understand m really frustrated after reading ur sick love story. i hope to soon overcome the traum,a that ur book have given me. and people who liked the book sucks.

  37. oops i missed 'write'. m really sorry for my bad english but what one can write after reading the sickest book ever.i m sorry i u felt hurt after reading it but its my view

  38. Hi Ankur,

    Having been an author for over 3 years now, I'm quite used to such impulsive brash mails. They only inspire me to write more since I believe that if you don't like an author: you stop reading them. If you start abusing him, it just means your words have no value.

  39. Hey Harsh oopss Kanav!!!... Buddy ur Novel Oops! I fell in love with it ... It is a mind blowing novel... i know its being really usual for u bcoz u receive such compliments all the time.. But Seriously its really a heart touching novel .. it reminds me the dayz back of my college and the hostel times... not being an IITian of course ;-) it seems to be surely ur own story happened...coz the pain and love is abruptly seen in ur words....all te best...:):)

  40. Hey Harsh, I liked your book.I liked the humor a lot. Love the simplicity with which you told the story. The picture of an IITian life can be so very well imagined.looking forward for the 2nd one.


  41. A Great Read. Really humorous in most places.
    Nice storyline and situations. This book reaaly awesome

  42. Just read your novel. . . Loved it a lot. . . Felt the charming air of love. . . Fell in love too. . . Also cried like a child at the last chapter of your novel. . . Thanks for gifting us such a delightful dose of real love. . . OBRIGADO!

  43. Nice book man. 'm not an avid reader, but read for couple of hours before going to bed. Your book did not let me sleep and I had to finish it in one go. By the time I finished, it was 4AM ;-)

    I really like Kanav, both - the name and the character. I will plan give this name to my future baby. 'Oops' I revealed something publicly ;)

  44. Btw., I just ordered your second book. Keep writing man, but in between your books remind us to check time as well ;)

  45. Story is really good waiting for d next book.eagerly want to know wat happens dis story is about u?

  46. Story is really good waiting for d next book.eagerly want to know wat happens dis story is about u?